Two years ago, I lost my childhood home and was forced to move to a brand new apartment complex. I wasn't the most excited person, to tell you the truth; in fact, I was scared because an apartment is nothing like a house. It took me about a year to really warm up to the whole idea. While it was extremely nerve-wracking to transition from such a big space to a tiny room on the fourth floor of a fancy new building, I still found a way to make myself comfortable. 

I thought of the move as a fresh start. My room became an opportunity for me to make the space exactly what I wanted it to be. Slowly, day by day, my room came together and became my safe space once again. Of course, I miss my old room a lot, but I now know that if you put a lot of love into something and have a little hope, you can make anything your new home. Home isn't a placeit's a feeling.

By Natalie Ondrik

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