On the Bedroom Wall

1. A gift from a dear friend who was sifting through the leftover pieces in our school’s art studio. Before giving this to me, she had attempted to give me a depiction of a flower in a vase. It would would have been nice if it didn’t weigh ten pounds due to the many sticks hot glued to it. ​

2. Another find from that day, the paper was full of little sketches in black pen. Seeing the potential in it, I sat down at one of the charcoal and acrylic paint-covered tables and painted over the sketches in primary-tinted watercolors.

  1. Last year, a senior at my school was giving away a variety of different objects. Sifting through Mardi Gras beads and mismatched pairs of socks, I found this little nightlight. The multi-colored mushrooms change colors when it grows dark and turn off when they sense light nearby.​
  2. This string of lights was found by chance while browsing the aisles of Walmart with my mother. While we were searching, we stumbled across this two-dollar bargain.

  1. This little pamphlet was lovingly written by my friend, Mikey, and it contains snippets of poetry that are so sweet and sad and beautiful. The primary colors were a little addition of mine to match the vibrance of his words. ​
  2. Another (literal) steal from Walmart. But is taking color palette samples really illegal? ​
  3. I found this sticker while walking downtown with a group of friends during our city’s annual Art Walk. As a crowd of people traipsed through the intersection, small tables lined the sidewalk. One such table was giving away pens, stickers, and other small trinkets. As I picked up this sticker, I thanked the people behind the table and stuffed it into a paper bag full of other treasures. ​
  4. In the courtyard of our school, I sat with a few friends on a green picnic table.“​This one describes your personality​,” Bri said, giving me the little leaf.
  5. As I was fiddling around on Photoshop, this little metal fish was placed in front of me. ​“Here, I made this for you​.” He said. I laughed, believing it was a joke. But he walked away, waving goodbye, and I was confused. ​
          “You don’t want it?”I called after him. ​
         “Keep it!” He said before walking out of the art studio.

  1. It was the end of fall term and Sophia and I were watching a friend of ours pack up her belongings. It was because of a family emergency, and we stood in a state of melancholy. This particular poster, Gustav Klimt’s ​The Kiss​, hung on her wall, held up by bee-patterned washi tape. ​“I don’t need this anymore​," she said. This, along with a few photos I’ve taken of her, is   one of the few physical memories I have of her. 
  2. During Art Walk, I spotted a tall board full of beautiful little paintings like this one. I approached it, and a woman asked me if I wanted to make one. I helped pick out the materialsblue paint, black paint, and silver glitterwhile the woman, with the aid of some sort of spinning contraption, made this. ​
  3. In the aisles of Hobby Lobby, I found this poster hidden behind effervescent photos of puppies and solemn depictions of the Eiffel Tower. At the top of the poster, it reads Rosa Alba Flore Pleno​which translates to white rose, full bloom​.

  1. Upon opening a thick, white envelope on my bed, I found this poster. Columbia, located in the heart of NYC, has been my dream school for as long as I can remember. Waking up to this poster right beside me only fuels my passion to attend it.​
  2. I made this little collage a few months ago. I wanted something personalized, something with my photos on it and cute clip art that matched my personality. The same design is glued to the interior of my phone case. ​
  3. Last year in my dorm, we had a Day of Appreciation. Markers and a stack of multi-colored construction paper were laid out on a table and all of the girls on our floor went to work putting compliments on one another’s pages. I keep this taped up in my room to remind myself that I am loved even though sometimes I may not believe it.

  1. This is another college poster can be found on the wall of my bedroom at home. There is only so much wall space in my dorm room. And certainly my school would have a few qualms about me placing thumbtacks in my wall. ​
  2. Contrasting with the UChicago poster, the Columbia bookmark hangs slightly askew. 

  1. In a pamphlet I received from some art school, I flipped to the graphic design section. Within it, this image jumped out at me. Hands intertwine with flowers and letters, and it's an example of pure talent that I wish to acquire some day. ​
  2. Columbia University is a common theme within this piece. Torn from a promotional booklet, I stuck this photo on my wall. The greenery surrounded by brownstones creates a warm feeling inside me, and it is where I want my future to belong.
  3. This third picture is from a book of sketches depicting the Old South. I found it in a pile of trash, and I quickly snatched it up. Now, it exists as a historical decoration.

1. A foot away from my bed, a paper crane hangs. The paper is exquisite, dotted with blue and white flowers outlined by gold leaves. It was a gift from my aunt, for which I was grateful because I am not terribly gifted at paper folding. However, as it hangs from my ceiling, I think it's sort of ironic. I had to punch a hole in its wing for it to fly.

By Sophie Sebastiani