Summer/Winter's Day


Time stood still. It was as though we were frozen in summer. Now that I think about it, I like how much of a paradox that is—the idea of swimming at a lagoon in mid-December. The water felt like ice on my skin. It only felt better if I moved around a lot, no matter how much I wanted to jump out at first. And if I stayed still, it felt like I'd freeze.

My friend, Chunli, was one of the first to jump in. It took me far longer. But now that I’m at home currently laying on the floor in front of a fan, I wish I'd stayed in longer. The sunlight was bright and danced on the water's surface. It kind of looked like flames. My eyes hurt, because I stared for a little too long. I wonder if the lagoon will ever  look the same way it did that day.

The flowers  surrounding the lagoon looked beautiful, so I quickly ran and picked some out of a bush while Ferdos floated in the water. Chunli and I put flowers in Ferdos’s hair and spread them in the water so that they looked like they were her crown. These photos give off an ethereal and ghostly sort of feeling. She’s just floating so calmly. That’s the main thing I feel when I look at them.

These upcoming photos are very polarized in their tone. I was so happy editing these, because the melanin in my models was so present! My friends are so beautiful that they glow no matter how melancholy the weather is.

These upcoming photos feel enchanting. It was so hard to keep candles lit on the water's surface, but we did it and I’m happy with the results! 

And that wraps up my photo essay about a trip to the lagoon!

Photos by Patrick Thompson
Modeled by Chunli Suos and Ferdos Shekai