"LOVE AND PEACE FOR WEST AND EAST!” - A simple sentence said by many people in my country only eleven years before my birth. My mom was fourteen when revolutionaries decided to stand up for their rights and start a peaceful revolution, eventually reuniting both parts of Germany by using their voices and minds. My grandparents, parents, and even my teachers got involved and changed the future for good. Is there something revolutionary in all of us?

A revolution doesn’t always have to be a historic moment; it can be a slight transformation, finding a significant other, or maybe an incident that makes you feel born again. Let it happen! There’s no reason to be afraid or ashamed. Stand out in the crowd and do your thing, no matter what people might say. At some point in your life, there’s a revolution going on inside you. You won’t always stay the thirteen-year-old kid you once were! You are going to change your views, tastes, and maybe even your friends, and that's okay. This is your life, and you are the only person that thinks the way you think, talks the way you talk, and feels the way you do. You are able to change your future, just like the German revolutionaries in 1989. Once you realize that you only get one life and shouldn’t waste it, you’re able to start your very own revolution.

I guess I revolutionized at my first underground concert a year ago (literally, it was on January 27th, 2017). Since then, I've felt like I’m becoming the person I've always wanted to be. I didn’t notice at first, but now I know for sure that I’ve changed a lot. A major thing I’ve noticed about myself is that I barely care about what people think about me anymore; I know that I have weird habits and that I dream big, but it’s my life. I’ve met many new people just because I changed it for the better and couldn’t be happier!

Maybe one day we will be part of something big, or maybe we already are. Who knows? But I think we all have some kind of revolution in our lives at some point. You can’t stop growing up and you need to face changes in your life.

Time may change me,
but I can’t trace time.

(David Bowie, "Changes")

By Yasmin Altmann

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  1. This piece is so beautiful while still maintaining a completely raw flow (almost like a piece of free-verse poetry). Truly incredible!