Exploring Alt Hip-Hop

(Image via “Tamale” music video by Tyler the Creator)

Hip-hop was built by creators willing to take creative risks. They were not rich musiciansthey were DJs who threw parties and broke the norm. The genre became mainstream in the '80s, but just like rock and roll, hip-hop developed its own alternative scene for those looking to do it themselves again.

This playlist is a collection of songs that evoke a fight for justice against social corruption. You may recognize some bigger names such as Kendrick Lamar, but the other musicians are the ones I found to have similar messages worth sharing.

Clout is essentially influence one has in their community. This term is used to describe the new genre of Soundcloud rap. This playlist is a collection of songs that encapsulate both of these aspects. Post Malone may have reached Billboard 100 status, but his sound has influenced that of many Soundcloud rappers.

This collection of songs is more laid back, featuring songs with slower tempos and more reverb. Many of these also lack an actual rap, and instead are instrumentally based with sometimes layers of voice leading, such as in “Redbone.”

This playlist features what I would call “art rap.” If the musicians from the “Clout” playlist are considered Soundcloud rap, this is basically the Bandcamp of rap. The beats tend to experiment with unique instrumentation, and artists like Milo rap as if they are reading free verse poetry.

Don't want to read anymore? Too much sitting around? This playlist is full of songs to dance to, so get up and dance!

By James Straub

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