Gender Fluid

Gender is a spectrum; some people fall outside the traditional ‘norms’ and identify as something than just male and female. Alec Orzell, an 18-year-old student at Pace University, opened up to me about breaking stereotypical gender barriers and identifying how he truly feels. Alec refers to himself as gender-fluid. Not identifying with the gender assigned to him, he feels as if he also doesn’t identify with either end of the spectrum. He tells me it’s hard to articulate his identity into words because it’s not grounded in words, more in how he feels. “For a while, I just used the term gender-fluid as a place holder because I wasn’t sure what I was”, says Alec, “For me, 'gender-fluid' means that you love embracing all sides of your gender identity, be it masculine, feminine, neutral, or any other way." People like Alec are continuing to fuel the revolution of being able to be who you really are. 

By Olivia Upton


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