Loss Memory

In 2018, I want to start making more personal art. Coming home for my first long break from college was a strange transition for me, and I found myself trying to reconcile who I had become in college and who I was at home. These two parts of myself felt at war.

At home, I had so much time to myself, time I spent reflecting. In college, I felt that I had become the person I was trying to be for years, and I didn't know how to balance that with people's expectations of who I was supposed to be. I had to change my habits in order to feel at peace.

At the start of a new year, I find myself striving to balance all the parts of myself that are at war. I'm trying to balance all my experiences and memories and dreams for the future. This photo series is an examination of my search for balance as I search through memory.

By Carly Hough

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