Marvin's Room

There is a boy over there whom everyone knows 
He hears laughter in response to the whispers  
And an uncomfortable truth of a girl interrupted in the crowd
A thief of lips
too salty to taste
She was all he ever desired and more 
Irregardless of all the pain rooted forth
He still wanted her 

There are singers, dancers, and musicians milling about 
And to him one single angel
In the backwoods of the room 
Fallen a child of night never seen 
Waits and waits and waits in the golden hope 
Armed to the tooth 
Sharpened by the gum 
So maybe he could see her in the shrouded moonlight 
Or maybe she was just a girl stuck in reverse 

God, don’t let her lose.

Poem by Rosa Pyo
Photo by Sawyer Dixon

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