NYC Women's March

The Women's March was a clear manifestation of rebellion, unity, anger, and joy. People as young as three days and as old as 97 years were at the March last week, showing up for their rights. Whether it be women, people on the non-binary spectrum, trans people, queer people, people with disabilities, people of color, or any other marginalized groupeveryone came for their rights. 

While this event has many positive aspects, it isn't perfect. Many say the pussyhats featured are trans-exclusive, and although they're meant to be a symbol of unity, they ultimately serve the opposite. There has also been discourse around the usage of cis female anatomical parts being used as imagery, as they exclude a lot of already excluded people. 

Criticism also surrounds the fact that many specifically “white feminists” go just to support an ambiguous “cause,” and actually are contributing to many hateful messages themselves. The fact that people are uniting around specifically biologically female experiences doesn’t seem problematic at face value, but it does have an exclusionary tone to it.

It’s important to keep in mind that the Women’s March is a strong event of empowerment for everyonenot only women. 

By Isha Chirimar

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