First and Second: Poems for the Heart

first and second
they tell me
think of firsts in relationships
so i think of you
and our almost-relationship

you were my first
not kiss,
not relationship

you were my first crush
and when i say crush,
i don't mean i thought you were cute
i mean i wanted to peek
into your brain
and know all of you

i mean i wanted to explore your mind
and have you explore mine
sure, your body against my body
that was a nice fantasy of mine too

but mainly,
i wanted to know you
i wanted my stream of consciousness
to mix with yours
and create
one big river of us

i just wanted to know you
one time i stared at you
for far too long
and you looked up!

"oh no,
she saw me looking at her
oh no,
am i blushing?"

it was the pink in my cheeks
that made you like me
it was the cat valentine cards
that i gave you
"you're purrrfect," they said
that's what made you like me

i swear to cupid,
you were my first heartthrob
my first "everything"
you were the first person
who wanted to keep my heart
keep it locked inside yours
and have them beat as one

i have written an entire poem for you,
my first
but what about my second?
they deserve a poem too
they taught me how to love again
after you broke me

you & hearts
hearts have always been
my favorite shape
ever since i learned about
squares and triangles
it was always hearts

i saw hearts in the clouds
and they littered my paper
heart charm bracelets
and heart pillows

hearts have always been
very special to me
especially yours

cutting pink construction paper
into heart-shaped valentines
little mini poems
and conversation hearts
as an accessory

the love shape
your body
shaped of love

By Faith Chandler

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