This is the first time
we are hanging out
Bike ride in the park, picnic packed—
and I wish I’d have picked my nose
before I left the house.

Violets as vibrant as the color of my cheeks!
You pick one and hand it over to me
“Your favorite color!” You exclaim,
And I am surprised that you remember.

We are merely friends, so it seems
yet hugs with you
feel different
my senses are lifted, scattered, then still—
Ten big balloons released
by the park’s ice cream man,
Some gold, some red, some tan,
Floating quickly past tall pine trees.

We head to the bench and share sandwiches,
tomato and cheese chunks
flying happily from our mouths—
our chits and chats like thunder,
your gaze a spark to mine.

I am so happy and
A hurricane of hormones—
every breath feels heightened!
Every move calculated,
my mind numb to
everything but you.

We kiss under the street light.
I wish I
had worn chapstick.

My mind is
like a hurricane.

We lie and watch a blue sky
turn pink then purple then black
your hand on my back,
our words taking us
further in time,
your sneakers on mine—
and we will not sleep tonight.

Now I am
super sleepy at school,
droopy eyelids, dragging feet,
guzzling coffee after coffee—
but you walk in and you
are the ultimate caffeine!
My senses spin
Like a hurricane.

I catch your glimpse and
Eye of the storm,
is still...
calm, quiet, peaceful.

I have no way to predict
where you are headed
but I am happy you came
all the same.


By Teresa Woodcock

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  1. This is so wholesome and pure I love it soo much!!