Love, Sick is about the tender, tentative steps of a first love. It masks both the vehemence of obsession, and bubbly, innocent daydreams. In Love, Sick, there is an exploration of how light and new feelings can lead to a disease of unhealthy infatuation; there are two sides to lust. In the beginning, the sound of a name, or the slightest flirtatious touch is overwhelming. There is a rush of blood, a flushing of youthful, giddy emotion; there are butterflies in your stomach and glittering sensitivity coating everything. Love is exhilarating. However, illness emerges. Over-contemplation and everlasting doting upon each untimely action unravel the angry, greedy grasp of desire. It feels like a fever, heating your mind and leaving you winded after each heave of your chest. Moments are replayed like a migraine that never goes away and compulsion consumes your body without mercy.

Being in love can make you sick.

By Anova Hou

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