Love Vouchers: DIY

The entire point of love vouchers is that you do the things for your partner which you don’t really like doing for themwithout any complaint or query. It signifies that you care deeply about your partner’s wishes and the lovely vouchers might also be taken as a sign of trust between you and your better half. The receiver of the love voucher can choose to redeem it at any time of his choice providing no restrictions.
Basically love vouchers make a great gift for any special occasion of your lives and is a great way to romantically pamper your lover. And did I mention how super inexpensive it is? Here’s how you do it.

What You'll Need
  • A credit/debit card.
  • A credit card wallet.
  • Colorful/scrap paper.
  • Cute stickers, washi, markers etc. 

How to Do It
Step 1: Trace your credit card on your scrap papers and cut as many as you want.
Step 2: Write down whatever it is that you know your significant other loves or prefers, even if you don't always prefer to do these things. Still feeling stuck? Here are a few ideas.

Don’t feel overwhelmed, just look hard into your relationship and you’ll figure it out!
Step 3: Feel free to jazz up each voucher with washi tape, stickers, and cute doodles. Personalize them!
Step 4: Stuff all the vouchers in the credit card wallet and you’re done!

 By Arwa Halai


  1. Really lovely idea, my partner was very excited about the "guilt free nightout with friends" voucher.
    And "unlimited tea for the day" just made his day.

  2. Please make me some for my loved one:p

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