My Funny Valentine

The photographs in the My Funny Valentine series reflect on an individual on Valentine’s Day. Usually, Valentine’s day is advertised and preached as a day when one can get the most love and joy, spending it with loved ones or a significant other. I, however, took a separate approach to the day with a rosy feel. I decided to portray my subject as visibly upset through her mascara, lipstick smears, and moody body language.  She doesn’t look like the character that one imagines on Valentine’s Day; she’s distraught, reflecting, and funny-looking. I used the song "My Funny Valentine" by Chet Baker as an inspiration, comparing her looks to the lyrics "Your looks are laughable, unphotographable…” and "sweet comic valentine." Her looks depict the feeling of looking like those descriptions on a day like Valentine’s Day. The goal is to force the audience to ask, "Oh, what went so wrong on this poor girl’s Valentine’s Day?" I consider this a creative approach to portrait photography, using stylistic choices to help portray moods I have felt and make the subject reflective of my own personal feelings and experiences. I took all the images on a Canon Rebel T3I, using a mix of natural and artificial light. 

By Olivia Upton

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