My Journey to Self-Love: The Truth Revealed

Part One: The Beginning 
It’s all hearts and roses in the beginning. He loves you, and you love him. Everything is perfect. He lights up your entire day just by breathing. Holding his hand, lying on his chest, you listen to his laughter as it engulfs you. Quietly, you relinquish yourself to him, completely abandoning all senses of doubt because he’s smiling back into your eyes. And in that reflection, you see yourself shining in those ocean-like eyes. They pull you in like a riptide and keep you submerged in his affection, where it doesn’t feel like drowning. No, it feels like flying. 

Part Two: The Storm
Then one day, while you’re floating on a cloud, the thunderstorm strikes. And like an earthquake, he’s ripped from you. Your heart is torn out of your rib cage and shattered across the floor. Picking up the pieces only cuts your fingers to the bone. The memory of him hangs around you like a fog. That’s exactly where you are: in a bone-chillingly cold fog with no sliver of sunlight passing through. 

Part Three: The Dawn
But within that gloom, you find yourself. You finally gain the courage to pick up the pieces of your heart and shape them back together. You are your own glue. The sunlight begins to peak through the clouds, and it is glorious. You breathe your first breaths of fresh air because this is your time, a time of real, unconditional self-love. You have battled the storm and come out a better captain of your own vessel. The U.S.S. You. It is the strongest ship on the seas of life. 

By Natalie Ondrik

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