It's that build-up you feel when you have someone's attention. You like themyou really like them— and you're scared to let yourself give in. But then, you feel it in your stomach, bubbling in your chest, starting to fizz and pop like Pop Rocks in a glass of strawberry soda. Pink foam grows over the rim and pours down the sides, tickling your nose and your belly as you start to giggle, clenching your teeth and biting your lip, trying to hide how giddy you are. But there's no use in trying, because you love them. 

You hear those words echo in your head as that person sits across from you laughing so hard their nose scrunches up and they ask why you're laughing! It's infectious, like a warm, rose-tinted fog that clouds your head. You feel your cheeks getting hot. You're flushed and, through your squinted eyes, you can see them turning shades of pink, too. The warmth in your throat goes to your head and forces its way out of you. You start to overflow, tickled to the core and laughing till you're ugly. You're in love with the feeling of being in love. Those teary, tightly closed eyes, those red, dewy cheeks, the tongue clenched between imperfect teeth, hissing and coughing as you laugh
there's nothing more beautiful than seeing you like that.

By Janie Whateva

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