This piece uses elements of writing and photography to express the passion and power that forbidden love entails. Whether it be cultural differences or sexuality, it can be hard to love through the barriers that society has created. Here, love and its ability to conquer are explored and celebrated. 

La lluvia desesperada 
Derrama el líquido espeso 
De sus incertidumbres 
Sobre la piel que compartimos

The desperate rain
Spills the thick liquid 
Of its uncertainties 
Over the skin that we share

Deja charcos rosados
Entre tus labios que
Disuelven las espinas
Entre los míos

Leaves pink puddles
Between your lips that
Dissolve the thorns 
Between mine

Sus truenos retumban
El estreno de una nueva melodía
Parecida a la estampida
Del color a mis mejillas

Its thunder rumbles 
The premier of a new melody
Similar to the stampede
Of color towards my cheeks

Hasta que las llamas de tu presencia
Escurren con mi rubor

Until the flames of your presence
Drip with my blush.

By Camila Arana