Soft Spots

I can't blush naturallyonly when wine is in my system can color flush my cheeks and turn them that sweet, rosy red. Thus, developing a piece around something I find challenging was just that: challenging. I am not a Valentine's Day person. I'm not into hearts or lovey-dovey goop and gop. I don't wear blush with my make-up, and I own one pink shirt (as seen on Jarret, and it's only due to it being a band t-shirt).

I stepped out of my comfort zone to allow myself, my creativity, and my photography to mesh with those feelings I push away so often. To find solace in softness and tenderness, things I tend to reject, was an interesting path for sure. I hope these photos depict that journey.

Photos by Sonya Alfano
Photos by Modeled by Catie Reynolds and Jarret Bird

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