The Guessing Game (Please See Me)

Image by Stephanie Gonot

Hey, youyes, you. I’m into you.
But I’m not sure how to tell you.
I’m not a very blunt person, but you’re clever, so let me give you some hints

I’m sorry that I don’t own a snapback
Maybe I should show you my sneaker collection?
But then again, everyone has a pairor five

Maybe if I roll up my sleeve,
Lift my arm as I comb my fingers through my hair,
And hope you catch a glimpse of my rainbow bracelet
Or my closely trimmed fingernails

Please, walk by my right side
So you can see my piercings
But wait, my straight best friend just got her nose pierced too

Glare at my table for a minute too long
And analyze the stickers on my water bottle
And note my collection of feminist essays with the bookmark on page 72

What will it take to make you wonder?
Wonder if I support Ellen Page for the same reason as you
Wonder if I’m also listening to St. Vincent through my earbuds
Wonder if I planned my trip to the Women’s World Cup four years in advance
Wonder if I’ve watched the same coming out videos on YouTube

I have to admit, there’s some fun in checking the boxes
Crossing off all the criteria, determining whether you deviate from heteronormativity

And oh gosh, I hope you’re wondering the same of me

By Avery Adams

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