Marching Into Spring (Okay, Ladies, Now Let's Get in Formation...)

Hello, lovelies!

We have finally made it to March. I don’t know about you, but I am ecstaticwhen March comes around, it means one thing is near: SPRING. Who doesn’t love hearing the sound of birds chirping, the smell of blooming flowers, and my all-time favorite,  not having to wake up while it’s still dark out (can I get a woot woot in the back please?). After enduring the cold, long, boring months of January and February, coming into March is like a nice, warm hug from that cool relative who always gives you money behind your parents’ backs. (Don’t have one of those? It’s okay, you can borrow my relative. I promise she’s nice!)

With that being said, March brings lots of new things to the table. For those of you who are seniors in high school like me, March is college acceptance month, so give yourself a round of applause for working so hard during these last thirteen years, staying up late, and drinking lotsand I mean lotsof caffeine in order to get to this moment. March also brings the season during which we begin the arduous task of spring-cleaning our closets, replacing those cute UGGS and Patagonias we own for sundresses and jean shorts. We also begin to see more color in the streets as styles shift from neutrals to pastels. Seasonal depression starts to wither away, and overall, life starts to mellow out and take the chill pill it deserves. (Chill pill?? Don’t judge, I’m getting better with my word choices. I promise!)

Alongside the spring cleaning, college acceptance letters, and the comeback of pastels in everyday wear, March also brings some downsides. There’s a reason why March is called March Madness, and I’m not talking about college basketball. From starting prep for final exams (AP and IB people, I’m talking to you!) to anxiety about college rejections to a simple fear of the future, I am here to tell you one thing: you will be okay.

Repeat after me: I will be okay.

I know, I know—you’ve probably heard this line millions of times (I know I have), but hear me out. Life truly does work out the way it’s supposed to, you just have to learn to trust it to do its thing. Whether you get into your dream school or not (I didn’t, but I’m okay! I’ll save that story for another post), you will be okay. Also, test scores do not and will never define your worth. Don’t let some standardized test tell you otherwise. You have worked so hard and so tirelessly to get to this point. Don’t stop now.

With that in mind, I should probably follow my own advice (easier said than done). March is a time of reflection, and to use some terms I learned courtesy of my IB Biology class (IB Bio HL crew, where you at?), March is a time of regeneration and reflection, and I’m not talking about cells or endoplasmic reticulums here. Take this month as a checkpoint month. See how you’ve done so far (we’ve only been in 2018 for three months! It feels longer, right?), and evaluate if you're happy as of yet and whether you'll be happy with what's to come. If you are, great! Keep working and doing your thing. Like Kris Jenner once said, “You’re doing amazing, sweetie." If you aren’t happy with what 2018 has brought to your life at the moment, stop and evaluate what YOU can control and how you will change the outcome of your year. 

Just remember, I’m rooting for you. We all are!

P.S. Here is some fashion inspiration to get you hyped for spring. Enjoy!

By Kevin Martinez

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