The Potential Within Me: A Poem Series

Graphic by Deema Alawa

Every day you are growing
more and more
into the person you are meant to be,
expanding infinitely to fill the life vessel
that is your unique being.
So if right now
your overall sense of self
is one of uncertainty,
and vague confliction,
worry not, for
you are only just beginning to meet

Some days I feel the potential within me
Throwing itself around against my ribs
Like a beautiful animal, caged
But in darkness I persist
Searching for the words to articulate
Who I am
Where I've been
And where I'm going.

I don't want to cover my tracks
And I don't want you or anyone trying to cover them for me
I want to see every step I've taken
Every print I've made
Since first stepping foot on this path
That has led me to where I am now
Because now is spectacular
And I am wondrous.

i choose to have the confidence to believe
i one day will be that
which i already am
and have always been
and understand it was never anything
more than a matter
of self-realization and acceptance
and lots and lots
of love.

i said yes to things that scared me
and no to people that did not grow me
because i suspected
my biggest heartbreak
would be meeting old age
holding hands with regret
and carrying around in my chest
a worn, old heart
heavy with unrequited love
and wasted opportunity

By Diana Cristurean

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