The Regrettes

I started listening to The Regrettes when I saw a friend of a friend went to one of their shows. The news traveled, and my friend group and I were astonished by them. The Regrettes is a young, femme-fronted punk group. I bragged to everyone I knew that I got to shoot this show. The whole time, I was torn between wanting to shoot, wanting to dance, and wanting to shoot everyone dancing. They brought such an authentic energy that I wondered how it is even humanly possible to do this every night. These teenagers had the confidence to stand on top of speakers, go into the crowd, and to be utterly carefree. Seeing them live made me fall in love with their music even more than listening to them on Spotify. I left their show sweaty, ecstatic, and proud to be a young female artist. 

By Allison Barr

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