To Sophia/e

Dear Sophia/e:

i tend to find myself out of place
when i am around you.
and afterwards, creating something feels like
the child of a grand architect
building a sloppy shack
out of wooden blocks

your creativity exceeds my own
by leaps and bounds

and when i twist my ankle
before i even prepare to jump

the sensation of sheer disgust and disappointment
drips down my throat
and floods all of my future endeavors
in the craft
if you were more creative
possessed more talent
didn’t look for a simple way out
you wouldn’t have such
a weakly worded
failure to moan about”

and but still,

to sit with you is Interesting, to say the least
it reaffirms to me that I am equal to You
and the fact that we can chat idly
shows that you trust me.

i’m flattered,
for my beings
both physical and emotional
are worthy enough of your tools

Sophie, you have immortalized me in
the digital age
and while i may moan
at my innate perceived flaws
you captured me

and Sophia,
you gave me
such unknown depth
in five stanzas
but here still,
i must rebut:

somewhere in the clouds there is

a boy who lied and backbit and swore
a boy who refused to love himself
somewhere in the clouds there is an ingrate

a boy who couldn't use his love
a boy who spoke before thinking
somewhere in the clouds there will be a mistake

he will have loved others more than himself
he will give others so much more than he has
he will try so hard to stay out of the way

but down on solid ground
he will be lauded
with no explanation

thank you so much.
j’aime-vous y vos quiero,


By Michael Jones

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