Uncast Shadow of a Doubt

In Uncast Shadow of a Doubt, I juxtapose scans of fortunes with images of contradictory scenes. My goal in this piece was to portray doubts and anxieties about the future. I’ve been collecting these fortunes from my friends’ high school lunches for a few weeks, and I feel that it is ironic that these false prophecies materialized from a place where you determine the path of your future. Fortunes are often viewed as meaningless, holding no weight in reality, while your achievements in high school are seen by many as quite the opposite. The more fortunes I gathered, the more and more duplicates I received. Initially, I began to throw them out. However, I came to realize that the repeated fortunes symbolized the doubt I feel about my own future. The duplicates only added to the illegitimacy of the futures written on the fortunes, which I aligned with the feelings of fictitiousness towards my own dreams. To show this doubt, I placed images of the fates written on the fortunes not being achieved: a ghost having died without living them. This ghost is stuck in the past, as evidenced by the western scenery. A sense of irony is present in all of the photographs, as the bright Comic Sans fortunes laden with series of lucky numbers contrast with the sullen, shadowy scenes of a forlorn, haunted figure.

By Kathryn Zix

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