When I Was Young (2.0)

A remastered version of one of the first writing pieces that I ever submitted.

When I was young
I wanted to be a princess
in a castle
with glittering walls.

I think that I
still want to be that
as does everyone
because who doesn’t adore the worship?

Then I wanted to be an actor
and I still really
want to act either onstage or on camera
with all of my idols as my cast-mates.

I still do want to be an actor—
how cool would it be to say,
“Hey, look at me! Living it big
with all my new friends in Hollywood.”

Writing, as obvious as it is, is
another thing that I thought fondly of.
It’s an escape for me, a reflection
of my own mind.

To be as famous of a writer as
J.K. Rowlings one day, or
even Suzanne Collins. To have
such a successful book.

Maybe I’ll change my mind again
but that’s okay
because change is beautiful

change is brilliant.

By Elijah Collins

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