Connecting Pieces

I find it really hard to know who I am, to look into a mirror and say “That’s me, I’m that person.” I’m always looking for my reflection in shop windows, and when I find it, I can’t even recognize myself. It makes me think that the girls who appear in the elevator mirror and the one who is looking at me from the bus-stop glass don’t look alike at all, and neither of them looks like me.

But who am I? Can a girl who isn’t aware of her true form define herself? I’ve always thought  of myself in piecesin fragments of light, life, sadness, and memoriesthat fill every part of me like skin souvenirs that are waiting to be discovered from that girl who is looking to conquer herself. 

I’ve found an answer, one that could take forever to manage. I’ve finally come to see myself as a whole human being with gifts, virtues, and bad habits, I’ve discovered myself through the eyes of the people who surround me, and I like what I’ve seen. I try to meet myself in my friends’ laughter, in my sister’s kindness, in my classmates’ determination, in my mother’s patience. 

This series shows what it means to assemble all of my pieces, my fear of not being able to recognize the person I am, and the discovery of my true self through the people I love.

By Alba Pérez

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