Ethnic Division

Diversity (noun): The state of being diverse; variety.

Let us treasure our cultures, traditions, and experiences. Let us celebrate our backgrounds and our ethnicities. Let us cherish our diversity! I was raised in an Asian American household that secluded me to Asian American ideas: school must come first; I must work hard and earn exceptional grades. Although many may emphasize with these statements, let’s face itwe were all brought up differently. Whether that's in regards to culture or traditions, we were all raised with ideas that were passed down through generations of thought. Just recently, while attending my university, I encountered a new level of diversity, and I am constantly surrounded by individuals from all walks of life. I have been rewarded this opportunity to grow and learn more about what different communities have to offer. Through this experience, I have adopted new ideas I would not have gained if I closed my mind to these different perspectives. I dare you to open your mind as well. Will you accept this challenge?

By Tiahnna Kau

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