Forever in (and out) of Balance

I’ve noticed very recently that a lot of my ideas and inspiration come from the combination of two impossibly opposite things. It comes up in my thinking so much almost to a point of obsession—I see dilapidated, dreary infrastructures with pink-clothed tea parties inside. I see flowers peeking out from a man’s briefcase. I see soft, femme, formal environments where women shove spaghetti in their faces. I think art, in one facet at least, is just anything that throws you out of the day-to-day monotonous relationship that most people have with life. It makes you question the value of normalcy and crave the differences that tear apart the seams of convention. It’s the never-ending feeling of dissatisfaction. 

On a more global scale, I think juxtaposition is one of the most effective forms of visual communication. Issues of race, gender, and morality, all of today’s prominent ideas, can be provoked visually by confronting one extreme with the other, without any need for language. Balance is exactly why we strive to communicateto spread the idea that two opposites form a necessary whole. Imagination is activated by dissonance, and my work strives to combine starkly different objects as a way of expressing the importance of differences: a world where there is balance.

By Audrey Gretz

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