Generational Gap

the first time they fought
was the first time she saw restlessness in your eyes
your voice was hollow 
and hers was high
one of a young lady
who thought she knew a little too much
at that age

you were saddened by the notion
that she would give herself
wholeheartedly to this boy
at thirteen
but little did you know
he was half of her world
and little did she know
love is temporary

the second time they fought
you scolded at her 
for not being good enough
yet what you meant was simply
‘i love you a lot’
but little did she know
that your love would be
so wholesome and so warm
like soft daisies and hard waves

the third time they fought
the young girl raised her voice even higher
and louder than those hard waves
because yours is always so loud
she felt like she had to compete
you always felt so high
she had to tiptoe to meet your chin

she couldn’t feel love
but it was more or less
a competition
and she wanted to win
you never did
you wanted to let her know you loved her
but at seventeen, all she cared about
was loving another boy

the nth time they fought
all they wanted to communicate was
‘love me the way you want to be loved’

By Anna Vo

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