Hate Them or Love Them

There are a few notorious artists who have a large following of fans as well as a large following of haters. Here are four artists and albums that might be worth giving a shot.  

  1. K.O.D. by J. Cole
J. Cole’s new album K.O.D. dropped last week to both intense praise and criticism. 
The album is an exploration of a lot of things—drugs, fame, revenge, hip-hop, and love in the social media age. It is at moments very straightforward, and at others, a little unfocused.   

Most of J. Cole’s fans listened to the album obsessively, while some were a bit disappointed, finding the album a little lacking. Nevertheless, J. Cole is once again making statements with a powerful but flawed album.

  1. U2 
Without nailing any specific album or song, it is a universal fact that U2 is either hated or loved with an undying passion (or, by the younger generation, entirely unknown). They’ve been around for more than forty years, and over those forty years, they have been extremely overplayed. 

For younger people who haven’t already been through the whole cycle of falling in love with U2’s music, only to hear it everywhere and eventually hate it, it is worth a shot to dig back into their earlier work. Their first album, Boy (released in 1980), is one of their best, and has many songs that aren’t played on the radio every few days. When a band has been around for that long, their music can stop being interesting, but U2 is classic, and their musical evolution and appeal is strong in their earlier albums. 

  1. R.E.M. 
R.E.M. is another band that people went from loving to hating, mostly due to some musical choices and being overplayed. Again, any person who isn’t familiar should definitely listen to R.E.M., especially their earlier work and best albums (which are ranked all over the internet). Each album is an experiment into a new soundsomething that would turn many people against them, like with their more pop-than-rock songs. 

  1. 2Pac

Hailed as one of the most iconic artists who changed the world, 2Pac gets a lot of love. Some call his work poetic and life-changing, honest and raw. Younger rappers and listeners are, however, rejecting his work. Hip-hop has changed so much since 2Pac’s time that some do not consider it good rap. No matter what one thinks, 2Pac has certainly contributed a lot to hip-hop and has influenced many artists such as J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Rihanna, Eminem, Zayn, Meek Mill, Janet Jackson, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Ed Sheeran, Zendaya, and Justin Bieber.   

By Hannah Yang

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