Spring Cleaning

spring has returned.
time is slipping through my hands.
dear God,
am I powerless [?]

on my best day,
time slinks out of my mind
the same way light drips
through trees
and onto select blades of grass.

on my best days,
it slips through my fingers, soft and fluid,
continually leaving me, blowing into the wind
like my mom’s hair before she started cutting it more often

but other times,
like in history class,
or when i’m
on my way back home
for winter break,

it drops into my hand,
slowly finding its way between my fingers
like chunks of hair, dropping from my scalp
and lazily drifting, finding something to catch it
as it lands

pros of being aware of the passage of time

  1. i can relish the time i spend with my friends
  2. i know that nothing lasts forever, and can therefore survive anything if i just wait
  3. good things in life are not far off

cons of being aware of the passage of time
  1. nothing lasts forever
  2. everything will return to where it came from
  3. i have no ability to stop it, but fear drives me to worry myself sick
am i finally having all of those episodes of déjà vu that TV warned me about?

or am i (passing like time)
and falling
     to where the hours have gone?

By Michael Jones
Photo by Sophie Sebastiani

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