Sweet Flower

The garden we were in was so beautiful. Everything about it seemed to calm me down. I was in a really observant state, free from distractions. The tranquil background noises surrounding me helped me focus on everything I wanted to capture. I felt so awake. I realized there are certain sounds that I hardly notice which I find beautiful: the wind blowing through trees, rushing water, and soft conversations from the people around me. I’d always wanted an opportunity to shoot in the garden. I looked at times and scheduling and tried to make it work, but always failed. Finally, things fell into place and I was able to get there thanks to my friend Toni. I’m so happy I did—shooting there felt so relaxed. It's such a surreal place. It’s called Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden. I definitely hope more people visit it if they can. Also, for any creatives reading this, try going somewhere thought-provoking! Whether that’s a garden, library, park, or anywhere else, go and create something. Sometimes things go smoother when you create something in a space that calms you down; it helps you focus and be in the moment. 

By Patrick Thompson

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