Visible Differential

As a child, I stared up at starlets on the screen of my television. Film grain filled my vision and gruff monologues encompassed my ears. Larger-than-life cities and people passed back and forth in front of my eyes. I saw flickers of those standing in the limelight: Marlon Brando smoking a cigarette, Judy Garland with wide eyes and pigtails, Gene Kelly singing in the rain. Now, these photos above cannot reflect the iconic imagery of those figures. Yet, I wanted these images to reflect screencaps of vintage films. The subjects are stone-faced and wistful. The stars on their faces reflect modern ornaments and past Hollywood performers. The second layer affixed to the photograph adds juxtaposition to the picture. The feeling of these images is simple and complex at the same time. Combining the physical separation of black and white, image upon image, and the figurative division, a disjointed sensation is created. However, they also form a feeling of belonging, some unvoiced knowledge of the world that the rest of us know nothing about. They conjure a sense of longing, of being set apart from the rest and still being comfortable on their own. Overall, this set of photos is old-meets-new and youth-meeting-age.

Photos by Sophie Sebastiani
Modeled by Sophia Palacio and Will Horn

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