Developing Your Career and Making It Last

Not to sound cliche or anything, but what you're doing now probably signifies how successful you are going to be ten years from now. Having a great mindset will allow you to be as productive and free-spirited as possible. No laziness is allowed! I’m going to be sharing some tips from different creatives on how you can start your career out strong and maintain a great, ambitious mindset throughout your career.

  1. Work with what you got. Some creators who are just getting started feel like they need all these other props and people to be successful, which is not the case. Being an artist is much more than what paintbrush, microphone, or camera you're using. Don’t stress about not having the proper connections either, because you don't need handoutsyou've got this! Start with what you have, build a foundation for yourself, and take it slow! It's not about how fast you blow up, it's about how long your career lasts. - Somiah Nettles (Photographer)
  2. Get comfortable and confident. A good way to start off is get comfortable with yourself and learn to be confident. Once you’re happy with you are, you will conquer whatever your art is. I recommend getting involved in social networking and connecting with people. Don’t be afraid to try new things and be open-minded. Build a portfolio with all different kinds of looks, so people know you can do any and everything. - Rhandi Purnell (Model)
  3. Get started! The longer you wait, the more room is made for procrastination. Doubt will try and dissuade youdon't let it’.’ - Ajeé (Model). 
  4. Never let anyone define you as an artist. Make your own rules, alter perspectives, be rebellious, take risks, and don’t worry what others think. Fitting in is overrated’’ - Nia White (Photographer)

Photos by Somiah Nettles
Modeled by Khadijat Dania and Rhandi Purnell


  1. these photos are so good they look straight out of a high fashion editorial !!! i cannot get over the pink look !!! you really did that with the angles in these and not to mention your models are STUNNING