Ethereal Black

This year my friend Stacey Niragira and I saw it as our goal to mobilize our school’s Black Student Union, and really make a difference for students of color in our senior year. We made one of many steps towards this by putting together both a Martin Luther King Jr. Assembly and our school’s first ever Black History Month celebration. While this may not seem like much, putting these events together was extremely time-consuming and exhausting (on both physical and emotional levels). 

People don’t know how much time it takes to plan and coordinate events or to even get one into action while working with an unsupportive school administration. After our assembly, our school had decided to prevent us from planning any future MLK assemblies because of a poem one of the speakers had read with the n-word in it. 

It took us months before we could come up with a real solution and retrieve our ability to continue organizing the MLK assembly. Following this, we received more and more pushback from our school regarding club meetings, whether it be talking about gun violence in black communities or with watching movies like Moonlight. With the help of my fellow BSU presidents Stacey Niragira and Kennedy Amucha (and many other very wonderful volunteers), we worked hard to support our peers and organize meetings and events to benefit our community as a whole, and persevere through these obstacles.

I am extremely thankful to have these two beautiful, passionate, determined, strong women by my side. I wanted to take their pictures to make them feel just as how I see them: angelic, strong, and inspiring. Although this year has been a struggle, as I can imagine it has been for high school students across the globe, I’m glad that we were able to overcome our obstacles together, and become closer friends as a result of it.

By Kaya Nieves


  1. these photos are so magical- i really hope your bsu continues to thrive and make a difference in your absence. congratulations on all you accomplished in the face of such pushbacks!!!