This piece is called Eustress, which means positive stress. When I first heard this term, I questioned how stress could possibly be “good” in any possible way. Through the years, I’ve kept this thought in my head, and it turns out that this word has really taught me something; I've learned to seek the positives that come from negative situations and not always be so terribly hard on myself. Through all situations in life, we learn something, and I wanted to show this concept through this piece. The idea that we are constantly learning and gaining knowledge truly keeps me going through the hard and stressful times. I believe this is one of the biggest silver linings we all experience in life, so I hope that this illustration depicts what it means to get through those hard times and forge on towards creating a bettered version of you and your surroundings. There’s always a silver lining. 

By Susha Akimova

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