Playing With Lives

Based on the game of Scrabble, this piece juxtaposes the "bad" and the "good." Below the net, there are words such as "outcry," "trepidation," "ruin," and "ignore" that connote seclusion and loneliness. The small silhouettes of people being shot, falling down, and dying reflect the  countless lives that have been robbed by the inherent evil of the human condition. The other half of the piece is bright and full of hope with four words that are highlighted with a hand-made clay piece. The words listed are "dignity," "respect," "heal," and "you." These words restore peace and hope, and show that humans exist as a big family, not divided strangers; "YOU" are the agent and the bridge that revitalizes the love and harmony this world desperately needs. Human lives are not just games like Scrabble, and the gravity in the notion of 'words' and all the bigger implications behind them have the power to change lives. 

By Anna Lee