Summertime Nostalgia

With the most stressful portion of the school year almost at an end, it isn’t rare to find myself daydreaming and reminiscing about the summers of my past. In a stifling classroom, with my mind flitting around like a wearied fly, recollections of a golden summer in Europe were unearthed. I find that nostalgia is a faint tinge that swaths my memories; it is a definite sensation often laced with the strikingly clear senses of taste and smell. The sight of a rosy apple and floppy straw hat were enough to send me on a creative frenzy. I loved how nostalgia had a sense of mystery that pulled me in, and I became hooked on recreating the scenes within my half-real daydreams. Nostalgia leaves shells of moments in my memory: the raw texture of linen on my fingers, blotches of golden sunlight, or grasses brushing on my shins. Summertime Nostalgia is a visual and verbal illustration of my fascination with the feeling of remembering.

Photos and Words by Anova Hou
Modelling & Set Design by Kaya Piekaar