The Butterfly Effect

My mind explores the past, present, and future, hoping to control some parts of my life's events and change what has already occurred. I tend to overwhelm myself with overthinking, always contemplating things that others likely don't believe need to be changed. 

In the film The Butterfly Effect, the protagonist has a brain condition that allows him to go back in time and change situations which control his future. This movie is quite important to me; suffering from anxiety impacts the way I think and the way I react to certain life events. In this series, I wanted to demonstrate the idea that the past is something you should never truly want to change.

A lot of you reading this may suffer with anxiety or may feel pressure to control your future. This series reflects on the parts of our body that are believed to reflect our future, with red reflecting the pattern of firm choices and gold showing change. I believe that everything happens for a reason and for the right reason.

By Sophie Allsop

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  1. these are so fun and different!! i love the symbolism in the colors and the editing is spot on!! it reminds me of the a wrinkle in time movie that came out recently, all magical but super real looking at the same time