The Future is Stretch Marks

The Future is Stretch Marks is one of many works in which I have emphasized the imagery of stretch marks. The piece speaks to both societal and personal issues which I felt were shared and experienced by many. The female figure is a shout out to all the XL girls out there while also partially resembling myself. My stretch marks were, for a very long time, a point of personal shame. However, growing older and living life as an independent woman and adult has taught me that being unique is truly beautiful.
The intention of The Future is to create an image which celebrates the idea of body positivity, specifically female body positivity. Stretch marks are common amongst those of all sizes. Mothers, athletes, and everyone across the spectrum are quite likely to adorn stretch marks. Much like scars, stretch marks are physical markers which speak to a life lived, the human body supplementing itself as a fleshy canvas. Self-love is the important aspect here. Thus, wear what you want and be who you want. Wear that crop top that you love, and know that your happiness is what matters.  

By Ashley Aleman

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