A Guide to Philly’s Gayborhood

Pride, one day of parades and parties. In Philadelphia, it all centers around a couple square blocks in the Gayborhood (not Midtown Village, developers), a microcosm in the Washington Square West neighborhood within Center City. Liberally bordered by Chestnut on the north side, South Street on the South side, Broad Street on the West side, and 10th Street on the East side, the Gayborhood is dotted with all sorts of boutiques and restaurants. Here’s my guidewithout the booze and craziness of Prideto this cozy neighborhood.

Coffee Shops

1101 Spruce Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107
This place is tiny, but the coffee. They don’t do anything too fancy, but Green Street knows how to do great, small-batch, roasted coffee for a reasonable price. This is the place where I had my first black espresso. It’s not great for cracking open a laptop, but it’s perfect for getting coffee on the go.

265 S. Broad St. Philadelphia, PA 19107

Good Karma is a local cafe chain and is open almost all day. Despite being a chain, the locations feel homey and baristas local. I love their different bagel sandwich selections like Apple of My Eye and Rox Out with Your Lox Out, all of which are paired with a seasonal drink. They have two locations in the Gayborhood: one at The Wilma Theater lobby and a larger one on Pine Street. The huge location on Pine Street is better for working, while The Wilma Theater is more open and great for socializing.

263 S 10th St
Philadelphia PA 19107

In a bright shop along a bunch of restaurants on 10th Street, Quaker City Coffee stands out. The menu is sparse, as is the decor. It’s functional and provides a no-nonsense place to get some work done. The cafe also is founded on profit-sharing principles to provide jobs to the formerly incarcerated.


1224 South St Philadelphia, PA 19147

BAP is teeny; it maybe seats 15 people. It’s run by a family that serves bibimbap, a traditional Korean dish. You have a choice of vegetable, beef, chicken, or tofu that comes with a variety of vegetables, an egg, and gochujang over rice. I found this place on the day of a huge rainstorm. The dishes remind me of home-cooked comfort food.

Philadelphia Halal Carts
All over, but try 12th & Chestnut

These aren’t exactly restaurants, but the carts sell a selection of food from about $4-7. They’re a great option for a lunch on the go or to have picnic in a park (try City Hall’s Dilworth Park or Louis Kahn Park at 11th & Pine). They usually offer falafel, chicken, beef, or lamb on a gyro, in rice, or in salad. My personal favorite is lamb over rice with white sauce and a little bit of hot sauce.


The queer community is still marginalized, so here are some Philadelphia community-based organizations you should consider giving back to for Pride.

Located a couple blocks from the Gayborhood, the Attic offers a safe space for queer youth to gather. They have youth programming, job training, and counseling services.

345 S. 12th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107

Located in the country’s oldest queer bookstore, Philly AIDS Thrift is a consignment store that donates money to Philadelphia HIV/AIDS nonprofits. Donate old belongings, volunteer to run the store, or shop all sorts of knick knacks.

By Amelia Dogan

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