A Summer’s Day

When I think of Pride, I think joy, celebration and happiness. I think of people coming together to unite in peace and love, and what better way to portray this ecstatic month than through bright colours of clothing as well as surrounding. We have come a long way from discrimination against the LGBTQ community, and it is rather unfortunate that only now in our modern world we are able to accept people for who they are. Thus, I wanted to go for a 60s vibe in my photographs, an era that in fact did not accept these communities in society. I wanted to depict how it could have been like back then, had Pride month been established long before our time instead of being tossed away. I wanted to portray the ups and the downs of being part of this large, understanding community - the laughter, the sorrow and the struggles. 

By Syahirah Harun

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