Active Viewer

Looking through my camera lens, walking down streets with that strap around my neck, reminds me that I have a view of my own. I spend the vast majority of my time searching rather than looking. The camera clears my mind, which is usually so crowded with worries over others’ opinions—particularly what the frame holds when they point their mental lens at me. I forget that I have control over how I see things. There is power in vision. Visual culture is undeniably overwhelming, biased, and brainwashing at times; But when we realize that the position of viewer is an active one, I think the images being circulated can become more inclusive and representative of the people scrolling past them daily. For me, these collages are full of personal emotion and physically created with whatever materials and objects I had around me at the time that I was feeling them. These works are my contribution as the more active "viewer" that I am working to be.

By Audrey Gretz

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