An In-Depth Look at My High School Graduation

9:34 - Graduation day is finally upon me. I have never been so excited and nervous in my entire life. I haven’t been able to sleep much, and have been awake since 6 AM. I know I need to eat something, but I can’t. I have attempted to resolve my anxiety by turning to writing, which hopefully will work in my favor. This also means, though, that I have to start preparing for the day soon. 

11:11 - Almost time to start getting ready. I am currently writing letters to my friends that mean the most to me so that they know how they impacted me in this journey. I’m nervous—I feel like I could throw up. I had coffee. (That was a mistake.)

1:25 - I’m currently in the middle of doing my makeup, and stressing over the fact that my look isn’t going as I planned. Of course, this is the least of my worries, but I still decide to let my anxiety take over. 

2:30 - My makeup is finished! I am dressed and ready to head out. I grab everything I need and head to the church where my graduation mass (and later, the ceremony) will be held. I drive myself, since I had to be there earlier than my family. We line up and wait outside of the church, and I start to get nervous. My gown is too tight, and I have to read something at the mass. My heart starts racing, and up until my reading I have really, really intense anxiety. Tears attempt to slide out of my eyes, and then I get really nervous because I don’t want to mess up my makeup.

4:38 - Mass is over, and I have completed my reading. The jitters are gone, and I have been able to calm myself down. We walk down to the small hall where the reception before our main ceremony will occur. I can’t eat anything because of the feeling in my stomach—a mixture of nerves and excitement. 

5:58 - This is the moment before we walk in. I am excited, nervous, and overwhelmed. I have been waiting for the release from the worst four years of my life since they started, and I am finally here. This moment is what has gotten me through the past four years: knowing that someday I would finally be free from high school. As I walk through the church doors and hear the hum of “Pomp and Circumstance,” I am reminded of how happy I will finally be once I am free from the grasps of everything I will have had once known.

7:45 - Graduation is over. I have never been so elated in my entire life. I am surrounded by so many of my favorite people, so many people who make me feel loved. I am hugging everyone I see, and not a tear has been shed—mainly because I am so excited to be done. I say one last goodbye to the teachers and friends that have angered me so many times, and I leave for a get-together with my family and friends. 

9:33 - I am so overwhelmed with love, happiness, and excitement after being surrounded by all of my favorite people. I am so excited now—even more than I was before—for my college journey in the fall. I know I am going to be upset when I leave all of the people I love, but I know my journey with them will not end, because I love them so much. 

My graduation day was one of the most overwhelming days of my entire life. I am so grateful to have had this experience, and I am so unbelievably happy to have graduated high school. 

By Bridget Fitzpatrick
Visual by Chloe Taal

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