An Intersectional Collaboration for the Celebration of Pride

The month of June is not only an important time for this country, but for the world itself. June marks the celebration of Pride Month. Pride Month is both a reminder of those who worked tirelessly for change towards the community, and a celebration that keeps the spirit of change alive. In today’s political climate, Pride Month signifies the idea that we must not allow the progressive changes we have made to falter. As an ally, I know my role is very important. Supporting the LGBTQ+ community is more than just changing your profile picture to include the rainbow. Brands like YouTube (which has infamously silenced LGBT+ voices) are notorious for trying to profit off the community in June. That’s why, as an ally, I strive to not only learn more about the community, but do whatever I can do be of support. This month, Janie (a very wonderful staff member here at Lithium, who is also a trans artist) and I decided to collaborate on a Pride Month playlist. Janie has shared a bit of what the month means to her and a few songs that she added. I really enjoyed working with her on this!

And now, here are a few words from Janie.


I was asked by Lithium Magazine to create three pieces inspired by three songs I personally associate with Pride and the unique experiences that we as LGBTQ+ people have while navigating the world around us. Without being given key information about our history, we often have to not only learn who we are, but teach others who we have BEEN our whole life.

Here are the three songs I chose. 

“Pretty Boy” by Young Galaxy 

I’ve always interpreted this as a consoling love song to a trans boy who doesn't want to burden his partner with the weight of the discrimination he faces. She sings to him about knowing he bottles it up, that even if no one else understands, she can feel his pain and wants to share the weight to make it easier on him.

“Boyish” by Japanese Breakfast 

This song is very relatable to me. Being a straight trans woman, I had to navigate the world as a gay boy once upon a time. And a huge part of that experience was very slowly and cautiously meeting other LGBTQ+ people. And when I first met someone who understood me, I fell in love. As they showed me the world and how much more it had to offer, I realized that I FINALLY had options after being starved for so long. I fell in love with this new world of opportunity. And I fell out of love with the person who introduced me to the life I could have. This song encompasses that feeling.

“Soul Train” by Princess Nokia 

So many songs, movies, shows, and stories that involve LGBTQ+ people stem from a place of inner turmoil, struggle, sadness, discrimination, and hardship. I wanted a song that completely ignores that narrative. I want, I need to see stories of LGBTQ+ people who are happy. Unapologetically so. I want to see queer people having good relationships with their family, enjoying life and all it has to offer. I need to see more stories of LGBTQ people, especially people of color, being more than their sexual and gender identities. I need to see my siblings thriving without once having a looming threat over their head. And this song is all of that, sang by a woman of color in the LGBTQ+ community about disco. Disco’s peek was an amazing moment in time for the LGBTQ+ and racial minorities to flourish in a flamboyant rainbow explosion, and I live for it.

Listen to the rest of our playlist here!

By Jada Moore and Janie Whateva

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