Behind The Curtains

This series of photographs are trying to tell a short story about my own experience with pride, in my case, being bisexual.

I wanted to capture the sweetness, innocence and beauty of first love, secret love and the complicity of knowing you can be your true self with someone else. It's so special and exciting being in this place once, but the truth is that many of us have been here, hiding ourselves, our feelings, our love stories for the fear of being judged by society or worst, by the ones who love you as your friends and family. 

Coming out in front of my parents was the hardest part of this, I still feel I'm not who they wanted me to be.

But if we stay together and we try to take care of each other we will always be stronger than we were before, alone, and afraid. Love will never save us, but togetherness and support between every small part of this community are the right way to get out and make it.

By Aída Blueblood

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