Male Femininity

This selection of portraits is an exploration of gender and male femininity.

The last three years of my life in Venezuela, I've been making new friends and finding muses for my photographic work. As a photographer and transgender girl currently in transition, I always like to put a little bit of my story in each one of my projects. Most of my friends are very open to exploring and playing with their gender, though most of them identify as cisgender or gender fluid. In Venezuela, it's pretty difficult to express the way you are, mostly because of bullying and because we live in a society that has an exaggerated vision of masculinity. The more I continue to explore my friends with my camera, the more they actually discover things about themselves, about who they are and who they want to be.

I think what I like about creating is that my work lets my models express themselves, lets them have fun and enjoy their sexuality and gender. It’s 2018—or, in the words of Hayley Kiyoko, “20gayteen.” We shouldn't be afraid to let boys be feminine or girls be masculine; we should encourage them to be who they are, to be proud to love, to be proud to live their lives. That’s what pride means. 

By Ellie Noctis


  1. I love all of your portraits and models. Always and forever, your bff.

  2. Your work express the beauty of your soul and the soul of your models, unique is the right word for your photography, thanks for everything