My Grandfather: Love and a Legend

I grew up incredibly blessed in a household filled with love, food, warmth, but most of all my grandparents—my grandfather in particular. I lived with my extended family for the majority of my childhood, and I have always been my grandpa's favorite of my cousins. Because of the unconditional love that I've been so blessed with, I grew up confident, knowing that no matter how many times I may fall, I always had my own cheering crowd willing to love and support me through life. It's only recently that I’ve begun to understand that type of love and confidence instilled in me at such a young age as a precious and rare gift, and I wanted to create a tribute to the man, the myth, the legend—my grandfather. This drawing is inspired by a real photo of my grandfather and me when I was a baby. I decided to do half in color and half in black and white, because I wanted to portray the past yet still infuse it with vibrancy and life. The outer layer of the drawing in that oddly stretched, graph-like pattern is actually a poem I wrote about my grandfather a while ago, and I stretched it to fit the circular theme. Finally, the bubbles that I blew moments before I took the picture of the painting are representative of the ephemeral slice of my life—childhood—that ironically seemed like it would never end.

By Anna Lee

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