In this series I tried to recreate modern mermaids, mythological creatures, who are demonized in history, portrayed as vain creatures that cheat sailor and the eat them, creatures that are really beautiful and charming but with bad intentions. In some ways that description reminds me of the similar ones that people put on  LGBT women, who are often treated as women that love other women because they can't find a man, or because they hate men, sin some ways, those kinds of mistaken words have created a myth around us, now we can be mermaids, a new kind that don’t eat men but don’t live for them, which, in some ways, it’s almost like kill them. 

We could be the mermaids that sing for ourselves, the ones that not only are pretty, but also intelligent, funny, interesting, practical, and real, and that means we are not perfect even in our own myth, because we are not trying to be, even in our own magical world. I pictured some of this creatures taking care of themselves, playing in the water, holding hands, kissing each other, like every human would do, like we do, but now we are mermaids so we can do it and not care about the opinions, the people who hate us, the people who deny us, the people who think we are wrong, they’ve builded us a myth, so now we are taking it.

By Alba Pérez

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