This piece is called ooze. It represents the slow and gradual process of acceptance, acceptance in yourself. Accepting yourself and all that you are isn’t the easiest thing to do in fact for some people it might be the hardest. Some days are better than others; you feel like you’re coming out of the hole you’ve dug yourself in and some days you feel like that hole has become deeper than it has ever been in the past. No matter the day or the feeling, pride should always be had in the journey of loving yourself, it’s not an easy one to take on and not everyone can begin to start. People bring themselves down for not being kind to themselves but in reality just realizing you need to be kinder to yourself is something to have pride in. The courage and strength that goes into knowing something has to change for your own good is one like no other. Have confidence in making those necessary changes for yourself even if those changes are changes in attitude and outlook. Be proud of yourself for working on your goals, going through the up and downs, realizing that something has to change. Have pride in the person you are and are striving to become.

By Susha Akimova

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